In this ever changing technological landscape, businesses need to take advantage of advancements in software.

This applies to your use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the rapid pace of change and the introduction of new technologies means that you may be giving your competition an edge and your partners a reason to move elsewhere, if you do not regularly upgrade.

Many businesses look to Cost vs return on investment as the basis for decisions to upgrade, without the consideration to how the application of new functionality and technologies can drive efficiencies.

What to do about my out of date version of NAV?

Many companies using older versions of NAV (Classic 2009 and earlier) are often faced with the challenge of migrating to the latest version of NAV, which now operates on a different platform version (NAV 2013 and onwards).

To add to the challenge, when the database is highly customised, the effort and cost to upgrade can be overwhelming and cause for serious discussion on whether to continue or start again.

While erpwerx will always suggest that business processes should be reviewed and aligned with new functionalities within the latest versions of NAV, we also understand however that some modifications and enhancements will need to be kept at the request of the client.

The effort and costs involved in transforming these enhancements so they can operate in the new platform can mean that many businesses keep their old versions of NAV and as a result miss out on the benefits of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, automation and workflows, which are real efficiency drivers.

Keep your data and your enhancements when you upgrade!

It does not have to be a discussion or negotiation on whether or not you will have to leave your enhancements behind or whether you have to leave your data history and start fresh.

When it comes down to it, many businesses face a debate with their partner as to how to reduce the costs of the upgrade, either by implementing fresh and lose data and enhancements or to attempt an upgrade in full.

erpwerx takes a different approach than most partners, with a specialised set of transformation tools we are able to address the task of upgrading enhancements with reduced effort and therefore reduced cost to businesses.

With this approach we are able to keep those enhancements, considered business critical, and at the same time ensure that you can upgrade all of your data, including all transactional data.

Special Offer on Upgrades

For those businesses that operate a classic version of NAV (2009 or earlier) who feel that previous estimates to upgrade has prevented them from upgrading in the past, now is the time to take a fresh look.

Take advantage of new functionality and technologies in the latest version of NAV and find that competitive edge.

erpwerx are offering all businesses with a classic version of NAV (2009 or earlier) with an obligation free review of your database, including all enhancements, in order to provide an estimate for upgrade.

If you are satisfied with our estimate and approach to upgrades and wish to proceed, then the cost of the review will be included in the overall cost, should you decline to proceed there will be absolutely no cost.

It’s worth a fresh look at how you can make the most of your biggest and most important business investment, your ERP solution, which supports your day to day operations.