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Successful retailers will embrace technology and transform their business. How do you measure up?

The retail industry is rapidly changing

  • Omni-channel retail is now the norm: customers want to shop using a mobile device and e-commerce, and expect all channels to be integrated.
  • The store will become the focus of the retail experience. The quality of service will differentiate retail winners from laggards.
  • Speed is key. To ensure great customer service, retailers need a system that is easy to learn and simple to use, and guarantees quick transactions and shorter queues at the registers.
  • Retail is becoming more and more social, as consumers tend to share their latest purchases and ask for shopping advice on social media. Retailers need to be there.
  • E-commerce sales will continue to grow rapidly.
  • Customer demands change more and more rapidly. To keep up, retailers need a latest-technology system which is constantly being improved and updated.
  • Security is paramount: retailers need a reliable management system, which will safely store and manage their key business data.
  • Retailers need a flexible system that can grow with them.
  • Analytics will play an ever-increasing role in identifying trends and customer behavior.
  • Retailers using disparate system run the risk of being left with unaligned, unusable data.

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LS Nav is a flexible, highly scalable software solution used by thousands of retail companies and restaurants worldwide.

Simple and fast

LS Nav is fast to implement and quick to learn. Empower management and staff by giving them all the tools they need to serve customers in as few clicks as possible.

For retail and hospitality

Do you also run a café or restaurant in your retail stores? Then LS Nav is the perfect choice for you. The system is specifically designed to run retail and hospitality businesses in one single system, offering all the tools you need to make your job easier.

From head office to shop floor

LS Nav, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is an integrated end-to-end system; therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This enables you to track individual transactions from the POS to the general ledger, and maximize your control over the business.

Total control across the channels

LS Nav offers total channel integration. This means you can track sales, stock and productivity live on all your channels. Get a holistic view of your customers, orders and business and always be on top of all activities taking place in-store, on the e-commerce platform and on mobile.

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Manage a large product range, from made-to-order pieces to fast-moving stock items, with LS Retail omni-channel solutions for furniture retailers.

Manage a fast-moving stock in your physical and online stores and provide consistently high-quality service with LS Electronics.

From gourmet food stores to multi-department supermarkets – and everything in between – the LS Retail solutions help you meet your daily omni-channel retail challenges.

Address customer needs across the channels, streamline processes and inventory management, and control costs throughout the entire supply chain with LS Fashion..

We know the retail business. That’s why many of the best retailers choose our software solutions.

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