ERP Project Governance

A structured approach

Our project decisions are made within a framework

You want to embark on a business transformation journey, but do you have a proven framework in place to oversee and steer your project successfully? That’s where good Project Governance comes in.

Governance is only valuable if it helps you achieve your goals and keep you out of trouble along the way. Often, proper governance is underestimated at the beginning of a project and eventually this will challenge your ability to succeed. Whether it’s a large scale program or a more focused project, ERP Werx provides you with the insights and tools you need to establish the project governance required to gain the desired benefits.

Our consultants start by understanding your objectives and success criteria. From this, we establish the structures, processes and control mechanisms required for your project to become a success. We’ve helped businesses around the world with project governance that has directly benefited project objectives, execution and results. We can help you too.