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New Client Offer!

We are pleased to announce a new offer to all businesses who are considering a move to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The offer is applicable to both our small business erp software, “Business Ready 365” as well as our standard “Dynamics NAV” solution.

erpwerx are offering a fully developed Power BI dashboard, at no cost, to all businesses who sign on as a new erpwerx client. This specially developed Power BI dashboard has been designed to provide real-time analysis from data sourced from your new NAV solution.

Start analysing your business from day 1 so that you can make informed decisions, which will drive the profitability and efficiency of your business.

Offer to all Existing Dynamics NAV Businesses!

Are you already a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and are dissatisfied with the way it operates and are looking for a more attentive and supportive partner?

Not satisfied with the quality of reporting available with your current NAV solution and want to move to the next generation of BI tool?

erpwerx are offering a fully developed Power BI dashboard, at no cost, to all businesses using Dynamics NAV who sign on with erpwerx.

This is an opportunity to move to a responsive and dedicated partner and at the same time move to a BI tool that will deliver real-time information sourced directly from your Dynamics NAV solution.

Contact erpwerx now on 1300 306 236 to discuss our special Power BI offers (Conditions apply*)


Microsoft Power BI is the business intelligence tool for today and into the future!

Analyze, discover, report and publish meaningful interpretations of your business data, delivering real value to your business.

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Power BI Features

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a suite of tools to analyse your business, gain and share insights and conclude answers to your questions. It uses a system of graphs, and rich dashboards to expose you to business metrics.

Integrated to Your Data

Power BI can be linked directly into your Dynamics NAV system, as well as other sources (eg. Excel, SQL etc). The insights are in real-time, so your decisions will be accurate and reliable.

Integrated Intimately with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Being a Microsoft product, Power-BI integrates and can embed directly with your NAV system. It's so much more than merely an external interface. Consider a move from your existing external third party BI tools and make the move to the next generation of BI. With Power BI from Microsoft, you can even embed the Power BI dashboard into your NAV home page.

Cost Effective, Fast, Easy, Intuitive

Why pay for expensive third party BI tools when you can get started with Power BI for free. Power BI is fast to configure and easy to use. Outputs can be published on your web portal, shared as a dashboard with colleagues, printed or saved as a pdf.

Insights on the Go

Power Bi can keep you informed wherever you are on the planet. And working on any device means that you and all your team can work collaboratively with the latest information at your fingertips!

Office 365 offers productivity beyond boundaries. You can work virtually anywhere, anytime, across your devices and be confident that your data is backed up, secure and always available.

Download your copy of Office 365 Productivity

Reliable Software, Reliable Data

Your system is always accessible, stored on the latest, most reliable servers available.

Your Office 365 software is always running the latest version from Microsoft.

Never again will you have to worry about installing the latest update!

And with your data being stored in the cloud, under Australian standards & regulations, your data will always be backed up and secure.

Save Your Cash

Pay for Office 365 by the month and reduce the impact on your cash flow.

And there’s no need to worry about upgrades – it’s all looked after for you.

Which all lets you focus on what you do best, looking after customers and growing your business.

With Office 365 you can

Stay connected and save important messages with business-class email and up to a huge 50Gb of mailbox space.

Protect your business from malware and spam with security and email protection which is always up-to-date.

Protect your business from malware and spam with security and email protection which is always up-to-date.

Store, sync and share files with One Drive for Business, and 1TB of space!

Use a single sign-on to interact seamlessly with your Microsoft ERP system (such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Analyse your business to create insights into your performance. Utilise the power of your data to improve profitability and to help your business reach its full potential.

Seamlessly and easily communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and partners.