A well planned ERP Implementation is Key

The keys to a Successful Implementation

We understand that Implementing a new ERP system is one of the most time-consuming, complex and expensive tasks a company will undertake. With potential pitfalls lurking around every corner, it’s vital to work with an experienced partner that has a proven, Implementation Methodology.

ERP Werx has been providing Best-Practice Implementation services for growing small and mid-sized companies for 20 years.

Our procedures ensure our projects are completed efficiently and professionally. This delivers value to your business quickly and reduces risk.

Slide1 CASE STUDY “erpwerx have supported our growth and introduction of new business over the past 13 years… Through their expertise in keeping with the latest trends in technology and providing advice on how best to support our new business ventures, we have been able to continue with our aggressive growth in new areas of business.”

“When we had our own challenges in business, we turned to erpwerx and shared these challenges, in order to design and configure solutions that would support our needs.”

“After 13 years of service, we continue to work with erpwerx and continue the work that is required to stay ahead of our competitors and to deliver growth.”

Andrew Chambers
Commercial Manager
Slide2 ABOUT CNP BRANDS CNP Brands engaged with erpwerx back in July 2003, as the partner responsible for the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, replacing their existing non-integrated solutions. They were seeking a solution which would bring all of their processes into a single platform and a partner with the experience to manage and successfully deliver the project. CNP Brands had plans to expand and grow and knew that without removing the limitations and increasing efficiencies, that the growth they were seeking would be difficult. KEEP READING C.O. White Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company located in Melbourne. Originally founded in 1899 it has remained a tightly held family company since its inception. In October 2006, C O White Pty Ltd relaunched as CNP Brands. This change was made to reflect the strong portfolio of brands they currently own and distribute. CNP Brands is one of the leading companies in the distribution of infant and baby care products to the retail market in Australia and around the world. THE CHALLENGE Slide3 THE SOLUTION CNP Brands went live with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in October 2003 and as a result realised efficiency gains across the entire business.

CNP Brands has experienced rapid growth and diversification since first implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which required an agile and responsive approach from erpwerx to ensure that their needs were met.

Over the past 13 years, erpwerx has overseen many new innovations and introduction of technology to CNP Brands, these have included the implementation of warehousing, the development of EDI integration, the upgrade to the latest versions of NAV, their move to the cloud, integration to ecommerce and the web and their continued support for expansion across the globe.