eShop is a fully integrated eCommerce solution which connects seamlessly to one of the top selling ERP solutions on the market today, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This eCommerce solution offers an out of the box web store, ready to connect to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Having a web store is only delivers half of the total needs of an online business, having a fully integrated erp solution supporting the engine makes all the difference to profitability and customer satisfaction.

eShop Features

Increase your sale and reduce your sales costs by taking your business online

eShop is specifically designed to leverage rich functionality available in Dynamics NAV. These include:





Discounts And more…

B2B Commerce

Allow your business customers or suppliers to go online and to browse product catalogue, place orders, track order status, view balances and order history.

Allows a retail customer who is not necessarily a customer of the business to be able to browse the product catalogue, register online, place orders and pay online.

Technology that drives B2B & B2C functionality

When it comes to engaging your customers and your business partners it pays to be real time.

eShop provides real time connectivity, this means that as information is updated either NAV linked data or data created on the web, you will be up to date and so will your customers and partners.

Your staff can be responsive and ensure that your customer needs are met and that efficient communications with your partners are maintained.

Sales Portal

Allows your sales people to order remotely and perform customer account management without having to log into your erp Dynamics NAV. Access real-time from any online browser, tablet or mobile device.

Sales and payment transactions fed directly into your integrated ERP solution

Stay on top of your web sales, analyse sales data in real-time.

A solution that takes the Hassel out of accounts management, all payments made on the web are processed through to the financials within your erp solution, accurate accounts are maintained making it easy to provide accurate and timely statements and reconciliation of debtors.

eBay werx

One of the fastest growing and largest online sales portals in the world is eBay.
eBay provides opportunities for small and large business to trade their products to the world.

If you have an eBay store you will know that there are certain business activities that you have to perform as an eBay store business owner, that’s right, the daily and weekly data entry into your accounting software not to mention the management of shipping and the ordering of stock, etc.

erpwerx has come to the rescue with a fully integrated erp solution designed for both small and large companies who want to reduce the manual and double entry processing between non connected systems.

eBay werx has been designed to connect to eBay in a way that streamlines the process of publishing product to sell on your eBay store, along with the automated processing of orders and payments from eBay to your erp business solution.

eBay werx Features

Take Control of Your Business

Focus your attention on your eBay business by reducing your administration time.

By integrating to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you’ll be able to manage your inventory levels, control your debtors and have the general ledger look after itself!

eBay werx is easy to use, quick to implement, and is a comprehensive business solution fully compliant with Australian business & corporate standards.

Take back time

Your eBay business will grow because you will be able to dedicate yourself to increasing your product range and improving you profits instead of being burdened with administration & red-tape.

eBay orders are received automatically into Dynamics NAV without intervention. They can then be picked, shipped and invoiced all without re-keying.

The days of re-entering transactions will be gone forever, saving you time and money while increasing accuracy.

Robust, Reliable, Trusted

Built on robust Microsoft technologies, Dynamics NAV provides an integrated solution with accounting, debtors, suppliers, inventory and much more.

Control your debtors, pay your suppliers and keep track of your cash flow, all this from a cloud-based system you can access from anywhere in the world.

And as your eBay business grows, NAV will grow with you, allowing you to use features such as warehousing, relationship management and foreign currency. All this for a simple, low, monthly subscription.

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