ERP Development Services

Partner with a team that has experience and passion in development

At ERP Werx we have a tried and tested methodology to ensure that all system developments meet our customers’ requirements, are technically sound and future proofed whether they’re developments as part of an implementation project or ongoing ‘business as usual’.

The process is basically the same whether it’s a relatively small development to handle a new business requirement or whether it’s part of a full implementation project.

3 Gate Quality Check

Built into our Process is a 3 gate Quality Check, Before Going Live

Gate 1 

Technical developer ensures software works logically, and in compliance with the Scope Document.

Gate 2

Internal testing team ensures software works within the client’s business workflow & with client interfaces. Cross-checks with the Scope document are also performed.

Gate 3

The software is handed to the client for UAT. A handover document is included along with any test cases (where applicable).

Slide1 CASE STUDY “We needed to ensure that we educated the partner on our business and that the partner had the necessary skills to apply this information to the solution design.”

“erpwerx was able to understand our processes and existing issues and delivered a solution design that not only addressed the core issues at the time, but also provided us a solution that has supported our growth for more than 15 years.”

“We are look forward to undertaking new projects with erpwerx and for further technological advancements which we can apply to our business, as part of continual review and improvements across the Tobin Brothers Business.”

Chris Tuttle - Tobin Brothers
Slide2 ABOUT TOBIN BROTHERS Tobin Bothers, through the efforts of the managing director at the time, Martin Tobin, undertook a process to locate and identify a complete out of the box solution to manage all of their core funeral business processes within their head office and across their funeral branches state wide.

The drive to locate a new solution to replace desperate and manual systems took Martin across the globe. Martin returned empty handed and through further discussions resulted in the decision to seek software that could be developed for specific industry use by Tobin Brothers.

The challenge for Tobin’s was to find both a solution that would provide functionality and flexibility to be modified and at the same time identify a partner with the required skill set to learn and understand their specific business processes.
KEEP READING Tobin Brothers was established in 1934 and has earned the reputation as one of the leading and most respected funeral companies in the country. Every year Tobin Brothers conducts over 5,500 funerals, with over 25% market share in metropolitan Melbourne. THE CHALLENGE
Slide3 THE SOLUTION erpwerx was selected as the preferred partner for the project and commenced the project planning in late 2001, with the resulting first phase delivery of the finance component of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Work then continued on the second phase and larger scaled analysis work which involved the analysis of business processes and dealt with complex workflows, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

The result of the delivery of the project and solution in mid-2003, provided Tobin Brothers with a state of the art funeral specific solution, which removed many of the manual and disconnected processes and streamlined the operation by connecting various important processes with each other.

erpwerx continues to enjoys a strong business relationship for over 15 years and as we continue to see technological improvements to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, further scope for the introduction of client engagement and information processing improvements will be part of the future vision for Tobin Brothers and erpwerx.