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Easy transition for Small Businesses from an accounting system to a business software.

If you are looking for a better way to run your new or existing Dynamics NAV ERP system, talk to ERP Werx, about how we can get you up and going with Business Ready 365 (BR365) and Dynamics NAV hosted services as a fully managed service.

Azure is the cloud hosting platform provided by Microsoft which supports the many of the Microsoft business stack products available today. The great thing about Azure is its scalability and its readiness to accept Microsoft ERP solutions, such as Dynamics NAV.

Azure has everything needed for your Dynamics NAV to operate in a cloud environment and at an effective and efficient operating speed, just what you require from cloud hosting.

Introduce Saas Plaza into the mix, a Microsoft accredited hosting partner and you have everything you need to transition your business to the cloud, saving money and time in the process.

ERP Werx and Saasplaza deliver a professional and dedicated set of services to ensure that your cloud ERP experience meets the demand of your business in 2017 and beyond.

“Our search for an appropriate cloud solution and partner was exhaustive, as we wanted to ensure we made the right choice for us and our plans for the future.”

“We found that the approach to implementation of Business Ready 365 suited us, with a fixed implementation cost we were assured that we could achieve the outcomes based on the budget we had set.”

The decision to go with erpwerx was also made on the basis of the detailed implementation plan and costs, which made it clear as to the processes involved and who was responsible for each of the steps involved.”

“It really was an easy step by step process which was supported by documentation and support from erpwerx.”

David Bird - Group Financial Controller
ABOUT CERNO GROUP In 2014 Cerno Group set out in search of a future direction for the company, in relation to their use of technology in the business. Cerno had a clear goal to reduce infrastructure costs, administrative burden and to realise efficiency gains through the introduction of the latest functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV offered via the cloud.

As an existing Dynamics NAV Client delivered on premises under the support of a Microsoft Partner, a decision was made to go to the market and canvas partners who could offer a cloud based solution within the NAV space, which would support the goals on reduced infrastructure costs and increased efficiencies.

After a lengthy assessment process, Cerno selected erpwerx and the Business Ready 365 version of NAV, a specialised small business approach to implementation of Dynamics NAV designed and implemented by erpwerx.
KEEP READING Cerno Group was formed in 2004 and deliver professional services in the areas of property management and finance in Australia.

Cerno Group create, own and manage property assets with a focus on Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, Industrial and Residential property sectors.
THE SOLUTION Cerno had a number of requirements which had to be met, relating to the functionality of the solution and also the approach to implementation. Cerno played a large part in their own implementation, an aspect of Business Ready 365 that appealed to Cerno was the open and inclusive approach to implementation that Business Ready 365 offers clients.

Given that Business Ready 365 is a cloud hosted solution, which provided multiple remote access options, the staff and management at Cerno were able to take advantage of improved options to connect. Cerno has a multiple companies operating within their database, over 28, and needed to be able to manage daily processing of journals across all companies, this was successfully achieved as part of the implementation of Business Ready 365.

Cerno had previously used Jet reports and had a requirement to continue the use of Jet reports in Business Ready 365 on the cloud, this required some work by the consulting staff at erpwerx, to ensure that Jet Reports operated on the cloud with optimum performance, through the efforts of erpwerx, Jet Reports, Saas Plaza (hosting partner) and Cerno, Jet Reports performance was scaled and operating to the satisfaction of Cerno management and staff.

Cerno have now been operating live with Business Ready 365 since February 2016 and continue to benefit from the latest technologies available via the cloud and within the solution.