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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft licenses certified partners to access source code, this allows partners to modify the standard functionality to suit very specific client needs.

Many software vendors will not release code to implementers, preferring to undertake changes centrally, this typically makes the process take longer and at a higher cost.

Any introduction of new technology or processes will have an impact, it really depends on how well planned and executed the project activities are applied as to how smooth the process will be.

Reducing risk of failure is paramount in planning and to achieve this erpwerx involves the client’s key management and staff to ensure that a clear understanding is provided on each action and deliverable.

Microsoft has designed Dynamics NAV to provide a diverse level of functionality to suite many different types of industries, this includes manufacturing, supply chain, warehousing and many other applications.

Rather than having to pay to have third party solutions integrated to your existing ERP as a result of growth or diversification, it is worth exploring the cost of implementing a single platform, all-encompassing ERP solution, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

While most ERP solutions have been designed with a base level of integrated functionality, not all provide functionality that can address the needs of larger or more complex businesses.

Assessing the capabilities of an ERP should involve the medium to longer term view, to validate the value and benefit to the future business growth.