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Federal Budget 2017

Tax concessions and a boost to productivity were key highlights for businesses in this year’s Federal Budget.

One aspect from the recently announced federal budget involved a greater focus on providing incentives for business to invest in innovation and reduce the costs of doing business. Here are the key points for business, delivered in the federal budget 2017:

  • Asset write-off extended
  • Lowering corporate tax
  • Reducing red tape
  • Improved access to capital to grow business

While the Federal Government is doing their bit to support business in saving and reinvesting in business, here at ERP WERX we want to support these measures by offering practical measures to further reduce the cost of doing business.

Every day, in every business there are 100’s of activities and processes undertaken to operate the business.Every time your staff execute an activity within your business they are costing you money and while we all know that it takes money to make money, the way in which the activities are performed will dictate just how much it is actually costing you.  More than ever, the use of technology to assist staff in managing their daily activities has become the single biggest driver for reducing cost, through technology delivered efficiencies.

In business there are some things that you cannot control, that’s why it is important to take action and manage the things that you can.

Introducing a single platform fully integrated ERP Solution is one way you can take control of your business operating costs.

Find out more about one of the most popular ERP solutions available, introducing automation, integration and best practice process management to your business provides the best opportunity to reduce and manage your business operating costs.

Contact our skilled team of professionals and discuss how ERP WERX can assist you and your business today!