The unique journey, through erpwerx, gives our clients confidence that their vision for growth is supported.


Cloud Solution

No hidden fees and fixed price implementation. No lock-in contract! Transition to the cloud today.


Business Solution

Business is growing. You want to continue your growth and need a system that supports the future.


Retail Solution

Retail is no longer fixed. It’s personal, it’s fast paced, it’s online and offline. We deliver those expectations.


Recovery Assessment

Having troubles with your current ERP partner? Or maybe your ERP system is not optimised for your business?


Every client is unique and the services we provide must reflect this with a special focus. Being the longest serving Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia, has allowed erpwerx to see the importance of building relationship and trust, for our clients to grow. Begin your unique journey today and let us assist your move forward..

erpwerx is much more than a supplier of software; we are a company that builds relationships with our clients, working in partnership with a focus on delivering the best outcome achievable.

The software and ERP solutions we provide to our clients offers a depth of functionality, scalability and application which rivals many similar software packages in the same market space. However, the software itself is only part of the picture; it’s the added value that only a company with the expertise of erpwerx can deliver, which makes the difference between success and failure.

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Building a Case For Change: Shaping The Future of Your Business

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Why erpwerx? Longest Serving Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner in ASIA Pacific

Complete ERP Solutions

The key to a fully optimised business solution is a single platform that delivers on all core business processes and needs – we provide bespoke solutions from diagnostic to implementation to support.

Attentive After-work Support

We provide flexible, industry-leading support, technical services, and resources that enable our clients to address technical issues promptly, all to increase your professional experience with our products and services.

Scalable & Functional

Not all businesses are the same; therefore our experienced team of developers and consultants have designed solutions that cater to your unique business needs. We also implement a solution that grows as your business grows.


As part of the ERP installation and migration, each process will be reviewed and a training program put in place to ensure that all staff members are knowledgeable to your new ERP system.

We don’t employ sales people or account managers

Our prospects and our clients always deal directly with people who do the work for them. No “middlemen” only qualified professionals with experience in the products we sell and a desire to support you and your business.

We do not employ graduates

That way, our clients do not pay “to train up” a new member of staff.

We only employ staff with proven NAV experience

We expect a high level of professionalism and attention to detail from our staff and that is why we have our own in house testing program designed to ensure only the best candidates make the cut.

We are the most experienced NAV team in Australia

On average… 17 years’ experience in IT, 13 years’ experience in NAV, 6.5 years continuous employment at erpwerx.

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